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  • Poster showing the first map of Scandinavia

    First map of Scandinavia

    German cartographer Nicolaus Germanus published the first Latin translation of the ancient works of the Greek geographer Ptolemy, supplemented by this map of Scandinavia, among others. The map was originally drawn by the Danish geographer Claudius Clavus. Printed 1482. Free shipping!
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  • Printed poster of Visby from the 1590s

    Visby 1590s

    Printed poster of Visby from the 1590s by Georg Braun and Frans Hogenberg. Visby is located on the island province Gotland. Size 12x16 in. Free shipping!
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  • Poster showing Stockholm 1870´s

    Poster showing Stockholm 1870s

    The lithograph of Heinrich Neuhaus is the most comprehensive map of Stockholm in the 1870s. Each building is rendered with the correct number of floors. In a fire in 1875 in the Central Printing Company, all copies except three original copies were destroyed. This printed poster is a beautiful and detailed map that fits well in any home. Size 18x24 in. Free shipping!
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  • Poster showing Sweden and Norway 1630

    Poster showing Sweden and Norway 1630

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  • Poster with Carta Marina from 1572

    Carta Marina 1572

    Poster with map Carta Marina printed on it. Carta Marina is the earliest reasonably accurate map of the Nordic and Baltic countries. The author of the map, Olaus Magnus (1490–1557) put twelve years of work on the map before it was printed in Venice in 1539. In 1572 Antonio Lafreri published a reduced copy of the Carta marina in Rome and it is that colorful version on the poster. Free shipping!
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Showing 97–101 of 101 results