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Swedish ancestors?

Hire a Swedish genealogist when you want to learn more about your Swedish roots!

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Why hire us to find your Swedish roots?

Genealogy research is like a hike to an unknown destination. Each person in a family tree carries a unique story – a story we often know nothing about. But through genealogy with the help of our Swedish professional genealogists, certain stories can come to life and live on through generations.

Doing genealogy on your own is fun and exciting! But it is something that requires knowledge and time. If you are interested in finding out more about your or someone else’s family, you can hire us to carry out the genealogy research for you. We undertake research assignments in genealogy at both fixed and current prices and deliver with high quality.

The services provided suit you who want to:

  • find out about the Swedish part of your ancestry
  • find living relatives in Sweden
  • identify from where your Swedish relatives came from in Sweden
  • confirm family stories that have been passed down for generations
  • learn about your Swedish surname
  • confirm previous genealogy you have inherited
  • need a itinerary or guide when visiting areas of interest.


During the years that we have existed we have worked with hundreds of customers. Read what they think of us and the results we deliver!

“My wife’s Swedish ancestors changed their names upon arriving in the States in the 1860s. Family stories were about her Swedish heritage, and my wife’s DNA supported that, but I was unable to track the family back to Sweden using every resource I could find. I finally resorted to searching the web for help and found Johan Grönberg’s company Find your Swedish Ancestry.  It took Johan twelve hours of research to find not only the Swedish names of my wife’s ancestors, but the names of apparent living relatives. Based on that experience, I do not hesitate to recommend Johan to others trying to find their Swedish Ancestry.”

Rob Walton

“I can only say it was an incredible day. Johan made some unexpected breakthroughs, since I first contacted him he has been responsive and thorough. He went above and beyond what one could expect to receive. From start to finish a class act. I can not only recommend him but actually insist he be considered for your discoveries.”

Harold Stewart

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Trackuback - a great tool to visualize!

Trackuback – It is a perfect tool to use when you want to visualize the research we make for you. Here you can connect your genealogy to historical maps, archaeology, legends, demography, to the major historical events and back to local history.  Explore the contexts your ancestors lived in, and the places they lived. All my clients recieve a free trial of 1 month.

See a short video about Trackuback below.

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