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During my time as a professional genealogist I have worked on several projects with a successful result. Here you can read some of the latest testimonials from my clients. I you are interested in more testimonials or references, don´t hesitate to contact Find your Swedish ancestry

Testimonials from successful projects

“I cannot recommend Johan highly enough. He is efficient and so reliable, always getting back to me with the information on time or sooner. The work that he did for me was brilliant, allowing me to flesh out my ancestors. It was really moving to learn how they might have lived and where. One of the most interesting things was Johan’s finding and translating a will from the very early 19th century. Because it listed the objects my ancestor had left, I was able to get a feel for how she lived her life….. it really brought her to life!
I really appreciated that he sent me maps of where my ancestors would have lived and also photographs, for example the interior of a church where they would have worshipped hundreds of years ago!
I have been fascinated by what he has discovered and couldn’t possibly have done it on my own (apart from anything else I can’t read Swedish!). He was also able to answer my questions on general life at the time (spanning 1500 to 1870s). Thank you so much Johan… I will be in touch again for some more work in the future!”

Carolyn Barrows

“I had tried for several years to trace my Grandfather’s roots in Finland, he was always a ghost in our family history as he entered England as an illegal emigrate before the Great War.  With Johan help we have traced my Grandfather’s roots back several generations and found a family which he had in Helsinki before he meet my Grandmother. All in all a sad story but at least now put to bed.  I am sure without Johan none of this would have been possible. Johan was extremely helpful and courteous throughout.”
Roger Archer-Reeves

I’d also like to thank you again for your work and helping to set me on the path of discovering my Swedish ancestors. I wouldn’t have been able to do it by myself.”
Chris Tyle

“My wife’s Swedish ancestors changed their names upon arriving in the States in the 1860s. Family stories were about her Swedish heritage, and my wife’s DNA supported that, but I was unable to track the family back to Sweden using every resource I could find. I finally resorted to searching the web for help and found Johan Grönberg’s company Find your Swedish Ancestry.  It took Johan twelve hours of research to find not only the Swedish names of my wife’s ancestors, but the names of apparent living relatives. Based on that experience, I do not hesitate to recommend Johan to others trying to find their Swedish Ancestry.”
Rob Walton

“I have been working on my ancestry for several years and ran into a total roadblock in finding my grandfather Gust Lundstrom. I had a lot of detail from his arrival in Boston in 1905 and thereafter including his final years when I knew him until he passed when I was 13. But, I couldn’t find anything on him by myself or with another Swedish geneologist in Sweden about his life before then. I was pretty frustrated because I had such fond memories of the big Swede and wanted to know more about him.
Then I contacted Johan. I told him what I knew, what I wanted to confirm and what I wanted to know. He got back to me promptly with a quote for the cost to find this info and his timing to complete the search and report. Both were very reasonable so I hired him. His bill was exactly as quoted and his timing was also.  Then I contacted Johan. I told him what I knew, what I wanted to confirm and what I wanted to know. He got back to me promptly with a quote for the cost to find this info and his timing to complete the search and report. Both were very reasonable so I hired him. His bill was exactly as quoted and his timing was also. 
He told me when he began the search and updated me as he went along and after several days I received an email. It said ” I have found him”. As it turned out, his baptized name – and mine apparently- was Reinhold Lundsten!!! Johan gave me several contacts of my unknown cousins- the Lundstens – in the US and Sweden.
His report was complete with a tree going back to my great grandparent who I knew nothing of and my grandfathers 7 siblings  who I didn’t know existed. I contacted all and 2 responded. We have been in touch by phone and hope to get together soon and I definitely want to follow up with my cousins in Sweden.
This is incredible and couldn’t have been done by myself. I highly recommend Johan.”
Ed Lundstrom

Genealogy research discovered this beutiful map over Bredsätter in the Swedish parish Nora.

“The research that Johan Grönberg has done for me is remarkable!!  I wasn’t getting anywhere on my own and with his research I now know so much more about my Swedish Ancestry than I ever imagined!!  I highly recommend Johan to anyone doing Swedish research.”
Mary Harrisson

“I can recommend Johan Grönberg.
What he did for me was beyond all my expectations. He is quick, thorough and very reliable. I also found him very helpful in matters that were not directly involved with the research he was doing for me. He provided me with directions to places connected to my family in Sweden supplying me with maps, directions and advice for when I visited Sweden His report on his findings was exemplary. He is very good value for money.”
Pa Johnson

“My brother and I have been working on our family’s genealogy for a few years. We had hit a brick wall with my maternal grandmother’s Swedish parents. My grandmother’s mother Amelia died when my grandmother was only 7 and we had almost no information about her. To make matters more confusing, Amelia seemed to have a different surname on every document we found. We had looked into hiring a professional genealogist, but the costs seemed prohibitive. We were very happy to find Johan. Not only are his prices very reasonable, he is also a bit of a magician. 

After just four hours of research, Johan sent us an incredible amount of information about my great-grandmother: where she was born in Sweden, the name of both her parents and what happened to them, the reason behind the different surnames (my great-great-grandmother Ulrika’s multiple marriages), and the timeline of their emigration to the United States. He provided a summary of his findings, together with source references and scans of original documents. 

By sheer coincidence, Johan lives in the same city in which my great-great-grandparents lived. I was delighted one day to receive a photo of the church where Ulrika was baptized. Johan frequently walks by the church and took the photo with his phone—a very thoughtful gesture. With Johan’s help, we discovered that Ulrika is buried in Omaha, Nebraska. My husband and I visited the gravesite and saw that it didn’t have a headstone, so my brother and I have ordered a new one. 

Through further research, Johan traced Ulrika’s family back to the 1600’s. He has also looked into my great-grandfather’s family, with equally amazing results. If you have Swedish ancestors and want to know more about them, I highly recommend working with Johan.”
Joni Coniglio

“I can only say it was an incredible day. Johan made some unexpected breakthroughs, since I first contacted him he has been responsive and thorough.
He went above and beyond what one could expect to receive.
From start to finish a class act.
I can not only recommend him but actually insist he be considered for your discoveries.”
Harold Stewart

“I contacted Johan Gronberg through the apge.org website. It was my first time hiring someone to assist me in finding my ancestors. I chose to hire someone due to the way Sweden deals with surnames. Johan was prompt in replying to my emails, was knowledgeable, and quick. I received ancestor information, cause of death, occupation, etc. I am very happy with my results. He accepts PayPal, which is great, especially with currency exchange.
The only bad thing is I’m spoiled now! I am trying to find someone in Germany and I have not been as lucky finding someone as quick to respond and so professional. I wish Johan could work with German ancestry!”
Deborah Johnson

“This is tremendous research and much appreciated. I am very thankful to you for this great research that has brought some clarity and closure to many of my questions.”
Richard Haigh

“I was very impressed with the amount of information Johan was able to discover about my Swedish and Norwegian ancestors. He was also able to find several living relatives and provided what information he could about them. I felt he went above and beyond by providing detailed notes about where the information came from along with photos of certain relevant pages from the church books as well as maps where my ancestors lived and worked that I had no idea existed.”
Brian Wickstrom

“I found Johan to be incredibly insightful and helpful.  My Great Grandparents came over in the late 19th century and no one in family had any real clues as to where they came from.  Johan in just a few days was able to discover a very full family tree with all kinds of locations, names, churches, and farms.  He is encouraging me to travel over and see these locations and he can hook me up with relatives who still live in the country.  I would recommend Johan to anyone who wants to find out about your Swedish ancestry past.”
Erik Swanson

“I found Johan Grönberg on Google search while looking for information on my grandfather. He died 20 years before I was born and all I had was his name and some misleading information on web pages. Johan guided me on various paths that I could take, the cost, and what information I could expect to receive. I am thrilled with what he has sent. I went from only the name of my grandfather to also the names and contact information of relatives in Sweden. I have used his services 3 times for various paths on my journey for my history and all 3 were done in a timely and professional manner. I would highly recommend Johan for a search of your Swedish heritage!”
Linda Neidlinger (Lundmark)

“Working with you was amazing. You were approachable. Your professionalism, spot on. The speed with which you were able to return with information was incredible. You were very thorough and able to connect on a personal level about the area as you had visited it many times. Johan is a true gem in the genealogy field! “
Kristy Remme

“I found Johan through his website and requested his service to research my grandmother Hulda Olson who was born in Sweden. I had very limited information to share about my grandmother, as I was uncertain of her birth date, her last name, and if she was actually born in Kalmar. Johan was up to the challenge, and within a few days I received a message “I found Hulda!”  Johan prepared a family tree, including information about her parents and grandparents.  The supporting documents were amazing, as he also provided information about Hulda’s siblings. The information Johan provided me and his enthusiasm to help his clients, far surpassed anything I every expected.
Thank you Johan!!!”

J. Brown

“I had been researching my Swedish great grandfather for years but had not gotten much further than his New York arrival in 1852 and a few clues about his parents and siblings. Johan took my sparse information, validated what was correct and provided information on five more generations. Working with Johan has been an absolute pleasure. His reports were quickly produced, very professional, reasonably priced and completely documented . He provided maps of the areas where my ancestors lived with their addresses circled. I could then go on Google Earth and see what is there today. Since Johan lives in the town where my great grandfather lived, he also included pictures of my ancestor’s church and the street where they lived. Finding My Swedish Ancestry was as easy and pleasant as it could be.”
Tom Morrow

I found Johan via social media when trying to break a road block in my family history. Johan was professional and personable, upfront regarding the process and the fee. The information I received was put together in an informative and easy-to-understand report, and I received copies of the primary documents used, which I had been unable to source in my own research. I have a lot of ancestors in Sweden still to find, and I have no hesitation in using Johan’s services when needed.”
Rachael Haigh

“It has been a pleasure to work with Johan over the last several months. Because of his knowledge and skill in ancestry research, he was able to quickly locate the information I requested about my grandmother who had emigrated from Sweden to the USA with her family in 1891. But going further, Johan was able find several relatives still living in and around the Skane area  of Sweden.  Again, with Johan’s assistance, I was able to contact many of these relatives and arrange for a “reunion”.  I just got back from  Sweden a few days ago after experiencing a wonderful visit with many of them!!  It was an incredible feeling to make this connection with long-lost family members and to know that we don’t have to remain separated any longer.  All thanks to Johan! “
John Morse

“My Swedish great grandparents each emigrated to the United States in the 1870’s. They did not know each other until they met at a dance. They settled in Boston, Massachusetts and raised seven children. When researching my ancestors I was unable to find out where in Sweden they came from. Then one day, Johan contacted me asking about my great grandfather, how accurate was my information. Johan was doing research for another person and my great grandfather happened to be the missing link. Johan was able to connect me with a branch of my Swedish family! I was overwhelmed! My great grandmother always went by a nick name so I did not even know her real name. Johan was able to research both my great grandfather and great grandmother back several generations for me. He provided the information to me within a few weeks. I am completely satisfied with his work and am forever grateful for his help. I now know where my family came from and I have Swedish cousins!”
Christine Stenberg

I had been seeking my Swedish ancestor side for years.  I was stuck with my great-grandparents.  I couldn’t find where in Sweden they came from.  I had some facts on when they came to America, but didn’t know anything beyond that.  My grandfather was Swedish, but his parents died when he was young, so no one in the family knew much about his parents except their names and their date of birth and death.  I found my Swedish ancestors through Johan Gronberg’s Swedish Ancestry genealogist site.  Just to see the names and places my Swedish ancestors lived at, and especially their names was a great joy for me.  I am totally satisfied with his services, and I recommend his company to anyone who is seeking to find out about their ancestors.  A happy client Lindahl King—17% Swedish according to DNA.”
Lindahl King

“We recently had the best time with Johan! We had hired him to look into our Swedish history and he was able to find a lot of information quickly. All information was sourced and his prices were very reasonable. He even showed us around our old homestead and took us to local churches were the family members attended. Thank you Johan. It really meant a lot to us. #5/5 Stars”
Mark Segerstrom

“Johan was wonderful! I never would have been able to find this information on my family if not for him. He was professional,courteous, and timely. I was thrilled with the results, and would highly recommend him for any swedish project. He explained the names of the parishes, and regions, otherwiswe I would not have had a clue. It was a pleasure!”
Laura Mansueto

“My sister and I found Johan’s site on the internet when researching someone to help us on our quest to find out more about our Swedish family.  My sister and I were both new to genealogy and Johan was wonderful with using the information that we had already obtained to help us with our search.  We asked  a lot of questions, and he was very kind to answer all of them for us in a very timely manner.  Johan walked us through every step.  We knew exactly who and what he was researching and the cost before he began.  When the research was delivered we had the opportunity to review, ask any questions before Johan sent the invoice.  We would highly recommend Johan for your genealogy adventure.”
Janice Tull

“I had an excellent experience tracing my Swedish ancestors with Johan. He was responsive, thorough and very easy to work with. I’d strongly recommend him.”
Scott Jenson

“Johan was professional, thorough and timely with his research. Thanks to his diligence and help, I have finally found my long lost Swedish relatives and was able to connect with them. Thanks, Johan! “
Mark Andersson

“Johan was recommended to me by a cousin.  He translated 2 inventory estates and sent photos of the original documents.  He was also able to answer some general questions I had about these relatives.  I was very impressed by his professionalism and especially the speed with which he delivered results.  I felt his price was very reasonable, and I would not hesitate to use him again or recommend him to others.”
Jill Whiteside

“I am very happy to recommend Johan to friends and relatives.  He is very thorough and speedy in his research. “
Susan Collins

“Dear Johan, We will be forever grateful for the results of your research. Your research went many steps past whatever I did. Johan solved the mystery of why there was no record of my grandpas immigration to the states (involved a name chain) and the reasons why. I can’t recommend Johan highly enough! He is most efficient and produces results quickly. All the best to you, Johan.”
David Anderson

“I came across Johan’s website “Find your Swedish ancestry” by chance and my surname Lubeck came from my Great Grandfather L. A. Lubeck who we understood came from Sweden to Macao in the 1850s, a Portuguese colony near Hong Kong, China. We knew very little about him, so I decided to contact Johan with a photograph of L. A.’s gravestone in the Protestant cemetery in Macao showing his death in 1863 and that he was a citizen of Sweden, and my father Carlos B. Lubeck’s “Letter to my Children” describing his mostly Portuguese heritage of his father and mother, his paternal, Swedish grandfather Lubeck, and his marriage to my mother Yang Te Di, a native of  Shanghai, China. My parents and seven children (including myself) emigrated to the United States in 1949 from Shanghai, when China became communist.

My multi-racial, multi-generational family had much information of the Portuguese and Chinese ancestors but almost nothing of our family namesake L. A. Lubeck (Macao records show him as Louis Augustus).  Johan replied that the name Lubeck was not a traditional Swedish surname but he did know there were Lubecks in the 1820 – 1860 time frame. When asked to proceed with his research, he did find information about one Ludwig August Lubeck, of Goteborg, born May 19, 1816 of parents David Fredric Lubeck and Dorothea Lubeck b. Meissner.  In 1851, Ludvig was listed in household examination records as a wine merchant. Then, in December, 1851 Ludvig was listed in moving records to leave Sweden and going to Hong Kong. The birth and moving records are in hand written, official documents.

All of this research information has convinced our family as being 100% accurate and coincides with the timing of his having two children in Macao (boys) one of whom is my grandfather Henrique Carlos Lubeck born 1861, and Ludvig’s tragic death in 1863 during a typhoon at his stevedoring business supplying and servicing sailing ships. Johan’s excellent and prompt research was very exciting to our extended family to know conclusively that our distant ancestor did indeed come from Sweden. Some of our family may want to ask Johan to do additional research on Ludvig before he left Sweden and also on his parents and other predecessors.”
Stephen Lubeck

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