Photos from old Sweden

Here we have collected some photos from old Sweden. Do you have Swedish ancestors and want to learn more? Send a free request to our Swedish professional genealogist!

Anna Håkansdotter was born 1835 in Norra Backa in Gunnarskog’s parish in Värmlands county, Sweden. In 1855 she married Jöns Andersson. In the picture from about 1904 she stands outside her home – a cottage that was located under Älgkärr in Hidinge parish, Örebro county. To the cottage under Älgkärr, the family came 1883 from Bogen parish in Värmland. They then lived in the cottage with their 5 youngest children and Jöns Andersson worked as a tailor and a farmworker. Jöns Anderson died in the cottage in November 1905 of a breast disease. He was then 83 years old. In 1910 Anna moved from the cottage and she died 1911 from old age weakness. The photo was taken by Countess Martina Kalling.
Swedish fisherman from the province Bohuslän, located on the Swedish west coast. He sure does look like a real fisherman. Photo taken around 1880-1930.
A fishing team at the quay in Marstrand, Bohuslän, Sweden. They look very proud when posing. But fishing used to be associated with great risks. When you look at the death books in parishes along the coast, it is not uncommon to find several that has drown when their ship was lost at sea. In the past, death was always present because so many died as children, but on the coast there was an extra dimension when death also often occured at sea. The photo is from 1895-1910.
Swedish Lucia in Lima, located in the beautiful province Dalarna. Photo from 1906.  
Colorized photo of a bride in the province Hälsingland, Sweden. Photo taken sometime around 1870 - 1899.
Colorized photo of a bride in the province Hälsingland, Sweden. Photo taken sometime around 1870 – 1899.
Anders Magnus and Kristina Sofia Andersson in front of the fireplace a christmas in the 1920s in the cottage Dalaryd in Svinhult parish, Östergötlands county, Sweden. They had lived in the cottage since the end of 1913 and Anders Magnus was a farm worker. In 1926 they moved to the cottage Sjöhult and there Kristina died in 1935, 81 years old. Shortly after, Anders Magnus moved to the nursing home in Svinhult. There he died in 1936 at the age of 86. The photo from the cottage Dalaryd is a sharp contrast to what it looks like in our homes now during christmas. Photo taken by August Christian Hultgren (1869-1961). 
Worker Anders Larsson was according to household examination records born 1802 in Skaraborgs county, Sweden. When the photo was taken around 1860-1870 was he working in the city Skara. He died 1890, 88 years old, as a pauper in Skara poorhouse. Probably had a hard life. 
Workers standing around one of the towers at Skara Cathedral when it was renovated 1886-1894. Maybe one of your ancestors have visited the cathedral! The cathedral was inaugurated around 1150, but recent discoveries prove the existence of a church on the site as early as the 11th century. The photo was taken 1891. Skara is located in Skaraborgs county in the province Västergötland.
Old woman standing in front of a small cottage in Klevshult in Åkers parish. Located in the province Småland. Notice the bicykle that is parked beside the cottage. The old world meets the new world.