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Links for genealogy research

I have collected some links to resources and tools that is of use when doing genealogy research in Sweden.

Genalogy programs

Trackuback – It is a perfect tool to use when you want to visualize the research. Here you can connect your genealogy to historical maps, archaeology, legends, demography, to the major historical events and back to local history.  Explore the contexts your ancestors lived in, and the places they lived. All my clients recieve a free trial of 1 month.

See a short video about Trackuback below.

Swedish church records, census and military records

Arkiv Digital – the largest private provider of Swedish Church Records and other Historical Records online
Swedish National Archives
Lantmäteriet – map the country, demarcate boundaries and help guarantee secure ownership of Sweden’s real property. Also have historical maps over Sweden.
Hans Högmans webpage about Swedish military

DNA – test your DNA and find relatives

Family Tree DNA
My heritage

Genealogy organisations

Association of Professional Genealogists
The Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies


Network Genealogical Adventure

France and Belgium

Actes & Co – professional genealogists that do research in both France and Belgium.

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