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Services to help you find your Swedish roots

Doing genealogy on your own is fun and exciting! But it is something that requires knowledge and time. If you are interested in finding out more about your or someone else’s family, you can hire our Swedish professional genealogists to carry out the genealogy research for you. We undertake research assignments in genealogy at both fixed and current prices and deliver with high quality.

The services provided suit you who want to:

  • find out about the Swedish part of your ancestry
  • find living relatives in Sweden
  • identify from where your Swedish relatives came from in Sweden
  • confirm family stories that have been passed down for generations
  • learn about your Swedish surname
  • confirm previous genealogy you have inherited
  • need a itinerary or guide when visiting areas of interest.

Our deliveries - your Swedish roots

Pedigree to display genalogy research.

We take assignments as Swedish professional genealogists researching Scandinavian and Finnish archives. The product we deliver to help you understand your Swedish roots is high end digital material, sent to you via email, containing:

All deliveries of your Swedish ancestry contain references to Swedish archives. Delivery time after confirmed order is 6-10 weeks or by agreement.

Genealogy in Denmark, Norway and Finland

We are a Swedish company and do most of our research in Swedish archives , but all our services you also can hire for research in Norway, Denmark and Finland. We have lot of experience in Scandinavian and Finnish research and can offer the same price as research in Swedish archives.

Price when you discover your Swedish roots

The price för genealogy research to find your Swedish ancestors is related to the requested service. You can for free send an inquiry telling us what you want help with and we will get back to you with a price suggestion. The more information about your Swedish ancestry you can provide the easier it is to make a correct assessment of your request. We don´t take the assignment unless we can ensure result.


  • Genealogy research in Swedish archives – 40 USD/hour

Fixed price

If the person among your Swedish ancestors who starts the family tree is known by name, birthplace and is born in Sweden after 1880 we can offer fixed prices as seen in the price examples below. You never pay more than the fixed price. If there, for some reason, is not possible to find all your Swedish ancestors the price will be reduced.

  • 2 – generation (7 people) – 100 USD
  • 3 – generation (15 people) – 280 USD
  • 4 – generation (31 people) – 550 USD


All payment is done through PayPal. When the research is finished and approved by you an invoice will be sent from Paypal with instructions how to use PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account).  During the research you will get updates so you will have a good understanding of the content in the final delivery.

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