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Hand-painted family trees

Find your Swedish Ancestry has established a collaboration with Anna Murgia at Anna Murgia Family Trees. Anna helps families preserve their family history for generations to come, through her amazingly beautiful hand-painted family trees.

We can now offer a discount on Anna’s gorgeous hand-painted family trees when you use the discount code 2021Slaktled to order from her. Let Find your Swedish ancestry do the research, quality control or add to your own research, and then let Anna paint a unique tailor made tree for your family.

A hand-painted ancestor´s tree (6 generations + proband)

Printed on artist paper (50×70 cm). For you to fill out! 

Regular price: EUR 99,50
Your discount with our code Slaktled2021: EUR -10,00
Your price: EUR 89,50

This ancestors’ tree is printed on artist paper, with ”boxes” where you can fill out your ancestors’ names, with the pen of your choice. The artwork is sized 50×70 cm.

Adjustable hand-painted ancestors’ tree (6 generations + proband)

Add photos and illustrations to the painting. Your family information filled out by Anna.
Printed on artist paper.

Regular price: EUR 799,50
Your discount with our code Slaktled2021:  EUR -100,00
Your price: EUR 699,50

Submit your family information and get this ancestors’ tree filled out. You can also add photos to your ancestors’. There is also the possibility to add photos and illustrations around the tree. The painting is printed on artist paper. The artwork is sized 50×70 cm.

Extra Bonus: The first five clients during March and April 2020 will be allowed to contribute to the choice of new models of Anna’s adjustable hand-painted ancestors’ trees!



Large custom made hand-painted family tree

10-12 generations, created after your wishes. Printed on material of your choice.

Regular price: EUR 6.995,00
Your discount with our code Slaktled2021: EUR -1.000,00
Your price: EUR 5.995,00

There are more examples of trees that Anna has painted, on her website https://annamurgia.com

If you are interested in a print-on-demand tree or a tailor made tree, contact Anna directly via mail anna@annamurgia.com or telephone +46 702 37 87 19. Don’t forget your discount code 2021Slaktled”.

You can also find Anna Murgia Family Trees on Facebook & Instagram – Follow her there!

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