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Help to find your Swedish ancestors

Do you have Swedish roots? Maybe you have some but not all the knowledge about who your ancestors that emigrated from Sweden to start a new life in the US? To learn about your Swedish ancestry is fun and exciting but it also requires knowledge and time. If you are interested I can help you to find your Swedish ancestry! I take assignments at affordable prices and deliver high end products.

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Letters from Swedish ancestors.The services provided suit you who want to:

  • Find out about the Swedish part of your ancestry.
  • Find living relatives in Sweden.
  • Identify from where your Swedish relatives came in Sweden.
  • Confirm family stories that have been passed down for generations.
  • Learn about your Swedish surname.
  • Confirm previous genealogy you have inherited.

All research is done in the Swedish archives and is delivered with complete references. Read more about me and the services I provide.

Pricelist and free inquiry

Pedigree to display your Swedish ancestors.

Do you have Swedish roots? Then you probably have living relatives in Sweden! I can help you search and locate your Swedish relatives. Send a free inquiry today!

Publicerat av Find your Swedish ancestry den 7 februari 2018